Rubber expansion joints are used in all types of industrial installations, in power plants, heating plants and sanitation (water treatment plants, sewage pumping, water treatment plant). They are installed on pumps, motors, compressors, turbines, fans etc. Rubber expansion joints absorb the thermal expansion of the pipe and correct the misalignment of pipelines. They retain vibrations, reduce noise and absorb the energy of hydraulic shock.

Petroleum Based Products, Liquified Petroleum Gas

ERV-GS HNBR -35°C až 120°C

ERV-GS -20°C až 90°C

ERV-G -20°C až 90°C

ERV-G LT -40°C až 90°C

Water and Waste Water

ROTEX -40°C až 130°C

ERV-R -40°C až 100°C

ERV-BR -50°C až 70°C

ERP -40°C až 90°C

Chemistry and Foodstuff

VITEX -15°C až 90°C

ERV-W -20°C až 90°C

ERV-TA Vysoká chemická odolnosť

ERV-GR -20°C až 100°C

Flanges and Accessories

Príruby, príslušenstvo