Flexible pipe joints in the form of stainless steel tubes and expansion joints are important and essential components of pipe technology. Our company has many years of product and market experience, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality designs for all industrialapplications. ROTH stainless steel corrugated hoses are for general use in a variety of applications and are compatible with a large number of chemicals as well as steam, water, oil, gas, vacuum use, for absorbing expansion, lifting movements, vibrations, neutralizing installation imprecisions or as suction hoses for tanker vehicles, etc. Besides SE111 and SE112 types with standard pressure resistance and vibration strength we supply custom design flexible hose with up to 3 layers of wire braid and spiral metallic protection. The braiding of all our high-quality corrugated hoses, if required, is also made solely from stainless steel wire. Similarly, the end protection sleeves are made only of stainless steel and the connecting components are WIG welded.

Flexible stainless steel hoses.