Beyond expansion joints, pipe supports including varial and constant spring hangers are also an integral part of the pipeline category. Our company has decided to extend and complete the product range supplied in this class of piping components as well. Company PIHASA S.A. specializes in the design, manufacture, inspection and maintenance of pipe supports since 1972. Its production is based on ASME and MSS standards. The products are destined for all kinds of heavy industries but mainly for the power generation, refining and petrochemical sectors, etc. In addition to standard storage, we also offer customized modifications to suit your needs. You can also order a review or periodic inspection of piping systems in the systems being operated, as well as strength calculations and pipeline design solutions, both in new installations and already in operation systems.

Software PIHASA Assistant

Variable spring supports, Spring sway braces (APV), Small springs, Spring anti-vibration clamps

Clamp base, Sliding plates, Welded pipe strap, U-bolts, Rollers, Saddles

Sway struts, Hydraulic snubbers

Preinsulated supports

Constant load spring supports

Structural attachment elements, Clamps, Threaded accessories, Anchor bolts, Trapezes